Fidelia -- out of 1/2 Andalusian mare, Hermana, by TB stallion Federal Trial, on a lazy, drizzily morning.

"Matter is neither created, or destroyed. If that is true, then what was, is."

 - Nikki Giovanni (poet)
"Life is a good idea. Riding bicycles is like Life. It is all about Trust and Balance."

 - Nikki Giovanni (poet)
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Wind Horse Offering is geared specifically and committed to empathetic, yet  both practical and classical training of the horse and/or rider.  I believe that every horse has it own potential and limitations, and understanding the horse as an individual is crucial to a positive training and performance experience. It is important to me that the horse is healthy and happy; and that the horse is balanced in the work load, expectations and mental capability -- that the horse be developed within himself by knowledge and empathy.

I work with horses and with riders, individually, to develop the potential in each, from Pony Club, to 2 year old horses, to Advanced Three Day Riders, and Upper Level Dressage Riders, and potential FEI horses.

Training horses is a process, like everything else. I have been fortunate to make a living being able to help people and horses achieve what might have been beyond their scope or imagined reality.  The horses in my life have been True Friends!  I am lucky to have been a part of their lives.

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